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Sep 8, 2021

Chris Johnson was amongst the first few guests to appear on Developmental: property & the mind, back in 2019. At the time he was CEO of Urban Taskforce and after holding that title for 8 consecutive years, Chris has since moved into an active retirement where he balances private consulting with his flair for writing about all things urban planning.

In this episode, the pair sit down to talk about Chris’s latest book, “Mid-rise urban living” which in part, raises the essential and ultimately overlooked component of mid-rise developments in growing cities like Sydney.

Between the two extremes of high-rise residential towers and detached homes, there is a 'missing middle' of mid-rise apartment buildings. Joe and Chris discuss award-winning international examples of how these can be done well, and the vital role they play in adding a richness to neighbourhoods around the world.

As an advocate for a better built Sydney, Chris unpacks the greater need to simplify the NSW planning system, give more power to the architects and allow space for more creativity in the design process, for Sydney to prosper and grow sustainably.

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